The results are in from the National UK Championships held on Sunday 19 October 2019 in Ebbw Value.  Eight swimmers from the Sharks took part.

The rules of the Halliwick Astra galas are such that the swimmer swimming closest to their entry time comes first – not the swimmer who swims fastest. Follow this link to see an introductory guide prepared by Halliwick AST.  It’s not intended to be a full statement of the rules, but it really does clear up how the placings are awarded.

Astra 2, of which the Sharks are part, came second overall.

The complete results are online here, and are summarised below.

Connor Page 3rd in the Mens 100m, swam 1:09, entered 1:07
Dylan Tonge 1st in the Boys 50m, swam 0:41, entered 0:42
2nd in the Boys 100m, swam 1:34, entered 1:44
Grace Edwards 2nd in the Girls 50m, swam 1:26, entered 1:31
Keira McNary 2nd in the Girls 25m, swam 0:24, entered 0:26
4th in the Girls 100m, swam 2:12, entered 2:23
Sam Brackett 2nd in the Boys 25m, swam 0:21, entered 0:24
Grace Edwards, Sam Brackett, Keira McNary, Dylan Tonge 2nd in the Junior Relay, swam 1:43, entered 1:52
Maddy Daniell, Vincent Leung, Rhiannon Hicks, Connor Page 3rd in the Senior Relay, swam 1:26, entered 1:33
Maddy Daniell, Vincent Leung, Rhiannon Hicks 3rd in the League Relay, swam 1:09, entered 1:18