The Club’s Responsibilities

The Club will undertake to:

  • Endeavour to inform the relevant parent (or the adult they have left responsible for their swimmer during training) at once if their swimmer becomes ill – and ensure their well being until the relevant parent, or responsible adult, is able to collect him or her.
  • Ensure that the Swim England’s Child Protection Policy and Guidance are followed to keep each swimmer safe (Swim England are writing a Vulnerable Adult Policy).
  • Ensure all activities are properly supervised, taught or coached and consent is obtained for any activity outside of that previously agreed.
  • Ensure that all our coaches and committee members adhere to the Swim England’s Code of Ethics and treat all members with respect.

A parent has a right to:

  • Make a complaint to the Club if they feel that the Club or a member of the Club is not acting in accordance with Swim England/Club laws and rules. Details of how to do this can be obtained from the Club welfare officer or a member of the Club’s management committee.
  • Make a complaint on behalf of their swimmer to Swim England.